Saturday, August 09, 2008


Went and saw PINEAPPLE EXPRESS on Thursday night. For some reason (probably because Leah has Friday off) we've been going to the late show on Thursday nights. It's fun.

Anyway, it's your typical stoner-comedy with a twist--it's also an homage to those '80's "buddy" action movies. The smoke billows and the bullets blaze. It's the sort of comedy that pimply High Schoolers love (even though they're not always old enough). If I was part of DARE or MADD or whatever, I'd be pretty upset by the film--one (hilarious) scene involves two pot-heads raising some quick cash by selling to 13 year olds.

Essentially the film is a "on the run" action/comedy. A strange sort of Odd-Coupling between a slacker Process Server and his laid-back dealer. The film works, until the end when there is a tacked on/forced "being stoned all the time is bad" message. I guess I felt like it was forced because it comes out of left field AND is quickly abandoned by the end of the film. It might have been a joke (or the filmmakers trying to be ironic) but in a moronic film (it's lovably moronic), irony needs to be anything but subtle.

Much like the late Heath Ledgers turn as The Joker in the new Batman flick, I was surprised by the odd casting of pretty-boy actor/director James Franco. Franco plays a goofy drug dealer that, while unrealistic, is nonetheless convincing. I applaud Franco's comedic talents, and hope he doesn't go back to playing "sweetheart" roles. Worth checking out if you enjoyed the other recent Judd Apatow productions (SUPEBAD, 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, KNOCKED UP, etc.) Everyone else either stay away or rent.

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