Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Come, walk with me...

Today was the fifth day in a row that I've taken one of my "long walks." Leah's not too crazy about me doing it, and I can understand. On Sunday I took her with me and even with a lengthy break at Cicero's she nearly died. Me, I'm built like my old man (who is built like a pack mule)--in short, I was built for long distance treks.

One of my long time dreams has always been to pull a Forrest Gump and walk across America. Every time I read/hear about some brave soul that's done it I always listen carefully (and take careful mental notes).

I bet you think I take my iPOD. Well you're wrong. I thought about it, but frankly--you need to be paying FULL attention when you're out walking around this world. People in this country do not know what a fucking cross walk is. Seriously. So far my feet have held up, unlike last summer when I walked my ass-off doing the security thing in KC. I know (and love) someone who for some reason thinks being a security guard means you do nothing...I know. The first time she said it, I shrugged it off. The second time I nearly slapped the shit out of her (luckily, I adhere to a strict "no hitting" policy when it comes to girls). That said, do THESE LOOK LIKE THE FEET OF SOMEONE "DOING NOTHING"???? that off my chest...

Anyway, today it wasn't raining (like yesterday) so I was able to take my camera along with me. Despite living in and around this area for three years (give or take), I was shocked at how little of it I'd actually "seen." Things look different when you're whizzing by at 35MPH. Get out of your car sometime and look around, things are different--you'll notice all sorts of little details.

My biggest "find" has been Lewis Park. I had no idea this park even existed, despite the fact that it's near my home! The reason for this is because Delmar (the road) sits pretty high up.

It's a pretty nice park, they have a little pond with fountains...and a fish on a bicycle???

Though some might think the green water is gross, I always find algae beautiful.

Another thing that I've discovered on my walks, is that the entire University City area is protected by a legion of stone lions:

I'm never worried when I'm out walking around, I know those fellows got my back.

Lastly, for a certain member of Leah's family (who thinks I DON'T make enough weird faces):


Anonymous said...

I love the fish on a bicycle and the patterns you found in the algae! The lion gave me "Night in the Museum" vibes--

Did you ever see the KCPT program "Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations"?

Jason said...

Yeah. For some reason I keep saying it's a frog on a bike...I guess because that makes (a little) more sense.

I've heard of RV&RR, but alas--our digital TV doesn't get our local PBS station (that'll be until February when the big digital change-over occurs).