Thursday, August 14, 2008

Insane? Well that's why I want to do it...

So I'm at work (bored as usual). I've been pretty busy today, but the other office help, the 69 year-old secretary from hell, is absent (playing with grandkids in the park). So I've been having a quiet, stress-free day.

Anyway, I'm putting together a folder for our truck drivers of maps to our most frequent deliveries. We have some new guys and it was a pain to have to keep fetching directions for people. I figure if I cover the basics NOW, when I have time, I won't be bothered to do it when I have 1,000 things going on.

But that's not what this post is about. See, I'm using GOOGLE Maps and they've got a new beta-feature where you can either get directions by car or by walking. For shits-and-giggles I've been seeing how far away some of our deliveries are by foot (probably because I've been doing a LOT of walking lately--by the way, I lost 10 pounds last week doing so). That was fun, for a while, then I had a brilliant idea:

I looked up how far/long a walk from MY house in St. Louis to my PARENTS house in Lee's Summit would be. This is where it gets crazy--268 miles. Which GOOGLE Maps thinks should take about 3 days and 16 hours.

I want to do this. This is my new goal. I realize that this is dangerous, and stupid (hell, GOOGLE even told me so). But I've always wanted to "Walk Across America." This is not that, not by a long shot...but it's a start. However, it is a dangerous endeavor. I will need supplies. There is the problem of sleeping (where will I do that?). But those things can be worked out. My biggest problem is companionship--who will go with me? Because for safety reasons I'll need a second person. I could go alone, believe me...but my parents and Leah wouldn't like that.

Leah can't do it (she nearly died the Sunday we walked to the Loop). I don't have very many friends, those that I have either aren't interested in this sort of thing OR unable to do it for physical reasons (wimps). So right now this is my hurdle--I have to find someone willing to waste 3 days.

Any takers?

Didn't think so.

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Terri said...

What a fantastic idea--couldn't you do parts of it on the Katy trail? And why does it have to be a human being? Couldn't Rusty tag along for protection? Track down that Peter Jenkins book, Walk Across America and do an updated version.

I'm off to check out the walking maps.

Jason said...

Ah, the Katy Trail! Yes that's exactly it! I've heard there are occasional bear sightings, so I'd need protection (probably buy the heavy-duty pepper spray they make).

Rusty would be a good choice, but I would be too scared that something might happen to him. If I was responsible for any harm to that dog I'd BE IN THE DOG HOUSE forever (She loves that dog more than me AND her daddy).

I'm glad you think it's a good idea (meethinks you'll be the only one). I'll check out that book, too.

Can you imagine the photos/blog posts such a feat could generate???

Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said...

I would TOTALLY do it! If you can hold out till spring, I'd love to go. I'm in DESPERATE need of some adventure in my life. :(

Jason said...

I think it'd be one helluva an adventure. With the wedding,the holidays, and the general crappy-ness of the weather...I think that the best time to do this will be in April or May or next year.

That said, if you want to go you can. Just be sure you want to (and don't toy with my emotions if you aren't serious).


Murph said...

You can take the Katy up to about the halfway to two thirds point. Then it is I-70 or something from there.

You know, if I'm still living with the parents (jesus, I'm never going to live that down) I'd be interested in giving it a go. One better would be the Missouri River Canoe Race held every year.

If we ruck march from St. Louis to KC and get there at the right time, we can then pop into a canoe and row back.

Whereupon my return trip to KC will be on Amtrak in a sleeper car with a keg of beer.

Wonder how long such a walk would take? To qual for the Expert Infantry Badge I think they had to do 12 miles in two hours. That is with some running. But if one did a solid 20 miles a day . . . could be done in less than a month. Sooner if one pressed on from dusk to dawn at maximum pace.

We'd need extra socks, some moleskin and camelbaks for certain.

Somewhere in Kansas

Murph said...

Google maps says three days?


Well, I can read a map but math is a bit beyond me. That is why I got my Masters in history.

Still gonna need that moleskin and some really good shoes though.

Somewhere in Missouri

Terri said...

Murph--You guys should do it. I would read the joint blog you come up, but I wonder about the wifi access in some remote parts!

Murph said...

Go to the right truck stop and the wifi would be there.

Hmm. Right now I am not hot on it for the simple fact that I'm breaking in new patrol shoes and I've got blisters on my heels.

It seems like that would be a next Spring/Summer thing.

Somewhere in Kansas

Jimu said...

To put an end to the questions we had in the car, (dent alive or dead, next boss? when is the new movie?)

Jason said...

Murph--3 days. I can't believe it/fathom it...but according to them it can be done in approx. 3 days. I'm thinking like five (maybe six?) days not pushing it too much. Not sure about the canoe, as I am fearful of water.

I AM going to do this, no questions. But much research and planning is needs. I'm thinking Spring 2009.

Jimu--I'm calling "Fake!!" on that picture. There's no script yet, so they can't have a poster (even a teaser photo). This reminds me of the CLOVERFIELD posters you showed me....

Terri--The more the merrier! Maybe we should start in Paola so you can come too?

Lrgblueeyes said...

jimus thing got taken down I couldnt look at it

Jason said...

I dunno what to tell you...I didn't take it down.

Murph said...

Jason, you time it for Spring Break 2009 or the end of the semester and barring any serious disaster (always a concern in my life) I think I can be there for it.

It'd be cool. Right up there with the road trip to Corpus Christi in 2007. I'd love to do it.

Terri, you know you want to some along.