Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where I work

My boss had me bring my camera to work (he has some machinery/equipment he wants to sell online). Anyway, I know there is some (moderate) curiosity among my family about where I work and what it's like. SO, I took a few extra pictures.

Our main drive:

Our fabulous back-dock area:

"My" office and "my" desk (I don't consider it my desk, and for the record that's not my mess on it):

Our "break-area":

Here's a picture of the inside of the warehouse, at first I didn't understand why it looked so "snowy." Then I realized my flash was catching tiny bits of dust/dirt/wood debris floating in the air. I'm pretty sure I should wear a mask when I go in there (this stuff is not visible to the eye, by the way):

I found this truck cabin, just sitting there by our dock. No one I talked to had any idea about it's history (or how the fuck it got like it is):

This is a door to a building that no longer exists (it's just a pile of glass and boards):

A view of our "office" from the back dock-area:

Click any of the above pictures and explore my world!


Jason said...

To quote Fastball: "I complain very little because/it's better than it was."

The main drive/parking lot area is actually much improved from when I started back in May. Still, there is much room for better.

It's a dirty business, I understand, but I think my boss (and his employees) deserve better than what they have. The problem is implementing change.

Jimu said...

dude.. I'd click those pictures, but I'd need a tetanus shot.

Jason said...

I actually think that one of the "bright-sides" to my job is that my immune system is being "challenged" on a daily basis. Slowly building it's muscles...

Murph said...

Umm, wow.

Makes me feel bad about complaining about my part time job. I'm surrounded by marble floors, expensive furniture, so on and so forth.

I gotta say, those are some great shots though. You ought to be able to get some story ideas out of the junk laying around that place.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

Oh this place is at least 2 books worth of material. Fiction and non-fiction.

I liken this place to the Millennium Falcon in STAR WARS...cobbled together, jury-rigged to shouldn't work on paper, but it does by some miracle (The Force?).

Terri said...

so what does the business sell--paletts (sp)?

A new student in CW this morning told me that she spent her childhood in a salvage yard--some great fiction possibilities there!

Jason said...

We do a couple of things. Mainly we deal in "pallets." However, we also recycle cardboard (i.e. we stockpile it). Another scheme we seem to be running involves being a "certified Sony Television drop-off point" (if you have a TV that you don't want anymore, you can't just throw it away because it's full of dangerous metals. So we take it and put it in a trailer, then we haul it somewhere).

Mainly just pallets.

I also work on various "other" projects at my employers discretion. These are ALWAYS much more interesting than wood. For example, right now I'm trying to sell a complete set of (unused) 1994 St. Louis Blues Hockey tickets. I'm also trying to see if a late 19th century paper cutter we found in a back room is worth anything.