Friday, August 29, 2008

Guess What? (KC)

Right now, at this very moment...I'm driving home to Kansas City. Through the magic of "timed blog posting" (thank you Terri) I am actually on the road.

I'm going home for two reasons. The first is, it's my mother's birthday (actually it's not until next week, but we're going to celebrate it this weekend). I'm also heading into town to pick up "the ring."

That's right. THE ring. The wedding ring.


I have less than a month of bachelor-hood left. I used to think that this was no big-deal...but as the day draws closer--I am freaking out. Leah signed my mom's birthday card "Leah Wendleton." Can you imagine such a thing?

On other, related wedding news: Leah wants me to pick a song for the "Mother/Son dance" at the wedding. The fact that such a thing exists is blowing my mind. I was really hoping I would only have to dance once (with Leah), but apparently everyone down the line gets a dance with me. This is troubling news friends. I have two left-feet. Actually, it's worse than that. I wish I had two left feet.


So that's what's up with me. These are the things occupying my time and mind. I am freaking out about the stupidest things (catering, dances, etc.). I hope when my nervous-breakdown occurs, all of this stuff is over.


Murph said...

Ah, the "Instrument of Emasculation."

The "Chain of Servitude."

The proverbial ball and chain, which leads one to place an inquiry of great import.

Are you getting the mason jar on this trip as well?

All kidding aside, good luck with it, Jason. They'll have to shoot me in order to get me down the aisle.

Respects and best wishes,
Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

Ah, KC.

It's good to be when the hell do I get to go back home!!!

I can't believe you don't want to get married Murph. You get to dress up in really uncomfortable clothes...spend a lot of money...hang out with family you never see/mildly hate.

Murph said...

When you stop and think about it, Jason, that sounds an awful lot like the Army. And I don't get to (expletive deleted for professional reasons) the women in that relationship.

Anyway, it isn't the marriage that bothers me so much. Tis the divorce that comes fifty percent of the time.

But I have absolute faith that your will endure.

No, really. You'll love each other even when you are both sixty-four.

Somewhere in Kansas

Jason said...

Hahahaha...yeah I never thought about it, but it is a bit like being in the Army. A big-scary girl yells at me (from sun-up to sun-down) telling me what to do. I love!

Just kidding Leah. I miss you all the way out here in KC (no one to tell me what to do).

Just kidding agin. My Mom andn Dad are out here to do that (just kidding Mom and Dad). They quit telling me what to do years ago, around the time I stopped lisening.

Just kidding, I love my parents and value their opinons (as long as I don't have to hear them).

Just kidding...alright, I'm stopping.

Yeah, the divorce thing is scary Murph. But luckily I don't plan on living all that maybe she can hold out long enough (I am hard to get along with/live with).

Leah's a fucking saint.