Saturday, February 23, 2008

100 Pages!

Well I'm nearing the end of my shift...I just wanted to hop online to brag that I finished editing the first 100 pages of my novel today. It's taken me forever, but I am now officially 1/2 way through my current manuscript. I still have another 100 pages to read/edit, but I am much closer to writing again (and finishing the damn thing).

I'm getting off work and driving to KC, I hope the drive goes as fast as this long, long shift of mine has gone (despite having no work, it's whizzed by).

Anyway, think of me tonight around 11:00PM, that's when I'll be steering my sleigh into town.


Murph said...

Congrats on the writing, Jason. Glad someone is getting something done.

Good luck on the drive into down.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

Thanks. I hear things are going slowly for you, because you're sick...well, at least you have a proper excuse.

I should have had this done a month ago!

Good luck with your book.