Friday, February 29, 2008

Limemonkey Life Update

Not a whole lot going on here in STL-land. Tomorrow I'm working 4 (yes, that's right 4 as in one more than 3) High School Basketball games. They're having the quarterfinals at UMSL's gym...and I'm guarding the basement entrance, which is for members of the press (read: pimply faced college interns with mikes and steno pads). I've been assured that tomorrow will be the sort of hell that only 3,000+ people can bring. Yay.

In the meantime, today is my day off. We're shopping. I got my diploma and (more importantly) my Federal Tax Refund! This money is more than enough to keep us afloat until one of Leah's jobs come through (and she starts getting paid). My job has gotten better (for the most part). But I found out I'm going to lose a bunch of hours the last week of March (Spring Break) and over the summer...thus once again putting the bug up my butt to find a better job.

I'm on page 105 of my book. I lost motivation this week to work on it. It's not gotten terrible, but the last 5 pages have needed the most work thus far. It's a little shocking, since the first 100 were so good. I guess, even if the next 100 pages were shit...I still wrote 100 good pages. That's something, right?

If you're on Facebook, then you know about the party I'm throwing the weekend of March 15. Leah's going to be out of town (Chicago, picking out dresses with her sisters), so I decided to have a bunch of my friends over to eat pizza and play Rock Band...oh, and to see who amongst them would be willing to be in my half of the wedding party. I need a "best man/woman" and "groomspeople" (I use these strange terms because I'm determined to have Becky on my side). Should be fun, hopefully the Police will show up (either with handcuffs or Sting, whichever).


Anonymous said...

When is this party?

I've set my sights on not getting a facebook, so I'm out of the loop.

Anonymous said...

Meh... Nevermind. *grumble*

Jason said...

David, you're a better man than I am...stay the hell off Facebook. It's lame and will only make you lamer for getting on it. I've quit it like a million times...the only reason I got back on this last time was to stay in touch with a handful of people post-graduation. But already I regret it.

The party is on March 15 at 8:00pm. I have no idea who is coming, or if it will even happen. Only time will tell if I am stood up. It's not all fun and games though...this is a serious effort (okay half serious) to find some people to back me up on Sept. 21 when I get married ("groomsmen" if you will...actually "groomspeople" since Becky is already on my list). I haven't asked you because, frankly, it's going to involve shit-loads of money (tux rentals and the like). Also, I like you too much to inflict this horror upon you (just kidding Leah).