Friday, February 01, 2008

I really want a Podcast (?)

I've been toying with having a postcast...for a few months now. It started out with the usual, "I think doing that would be fun!" Then it slowly became, "I could do that...I could do a really good job. Really..."

I've gone to the bookstore and thumbed through the seems complicated (and slightly costly) but not something I couldn't ultimately figure out. I have more than a few people who could probably walk me through some of the more tech-y things, if I got stuck. And yet, despite this urge, I do nothing.

Part of the problem is, I'm in a bit of a time/money crunch (which, will probably always exist in some form or another). The other problem is, I don't want to start podcasting only to have it end up like the guitar, photography, art, cooking, model building, writing, etc. You know, the things I start but never finish. It's embarrassing to have a life cluttered with cool things that have fizzled out.

Ultimately, I think the biggest thing holding me back is lack of interest. Not on my own part, but rather the world's. This blog has little to no readership (as far as I can tell) outside a few people that know me personally. And that's fine. Beyond keeping those people up-to-date (cos I don't call anyone I know enough), I like being able to search through my old posts to see what I was up to last year. It's also a nice place to store some of my photos (some exist only on this blog after my old laptop's massive meltdown over the summer). A podcast would really only be good for entertaining others, and would be a lot more work. Do the three people that check this blog really need a podcast that they'd feel obligated to download?

If I had a podcast, what would the format be? Well, I'm sure music would be the chief focus. I'm not too familiar with the shadowy world of podcasting/music distribution but I think my podcast would be pretty illegal. There are bands that you can play on podcasts, but frankly--most of them suck. So I'd be like my hero Michael Butler and just play whatever the hell I want...and hope that no one sues me.

Besides music, The Limemonkey Podcast would also feature interviews with random people--and possibly feature little bits and long, spiraling rants (see Kevin Smith's Podcast). Frankly, I just can't see how I'd be bringing anything new to the table. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe that's the real reason why I don't finish anything I start. I know I'll never really add anything to the larger world, so I just throw in the towel. Or maybe I'm just chicken-shit/lazy.


Anonymous said...

I would download your podcast--though I'd probably be more interested in quirky interviews than the possibly illegal music.

Sorry, I don't check in more frequently. Time is limited once a semester starts rolling along.

Jason said...

Yeah, I know you would Terri. I love NPR's various podcasts (especially the one Ira Glass hosts "This American Life").

Anyway, don't worry about "checking in" my blog isn't an obligation for anyone but me!