Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Progress & Encouragement

Whenever life starts to get me down, my thoughts always turn to writing. Today I went to work, and even though I'm really getting into THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS--I took the first 20 pages of my novel. I'm started to get the urge to work on it, but's been so long since my mind was in the place, that I'm afraid I've forgotten where I was (and what I was doing).

The "rules" of NaNoWriMo discouraged the reading/editing of what you were writing. So when I sat down to read on my break, I had no idea how good or bad it was going to be. I was actually very worried. I would really like to complete a novel (one day), but I knew that I wouldn't be able to finish THE MOSQUITO VINE if what I read sucked.

So, I sat down...with bated breath...and it surprised me. Sure, there were a few little mistakes (no real typos, just words that were spelled correctly but used incorrectly), but I have to say--I was very impressed. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the first 12 pages are the best fiction I've ever produced (yes, my ego is that BIG). Will the other 150+ pages stack up to that? Hell no. I'm realistic. I know that the further I go, I'm bound to hit crap...but those first pages have really pumped me up. Not only am I excited about reading the rest of it, but I can't wait to start working on finishing it.


Anonymous said...

Keep reading...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and i got word tonight that another former student (the first one to do Nanomo) was accepted by an agent this week--but it took her 6-7 years to get to that point.

Jason said...

I am. I was supposed to work on it today...but I had some wedding stuff to do (we had a "tasting"). But I take 20 or so pages to work every day now, and on my break I edit away.

I'm keeping story notes so I can keep everything straight in my head when I go back to finish it.

I'm about 25 pages in, and so far I'm really impressed with myself. I was worried it would suck and I wouldn't want to finish I'm scared I can't live up to what I have thus far.

As for your other student...I'm happy and impressed! I'm glad someone is making some headway in that fantastic direction. I used to think about publication and stuff like that...but shit...nowadays I dream of paying my rent.

I'll be insanely happy when I FINISH my first draft. That'll be like winning the Super Bowl (or whatever). Everything beyond that is like Mars...or the Moon.

Too far away to imagine.