Friday, February 08, 2008

This Book Has My Number...

I still can't sleep. One of my favorite things to do is read in the tub, so that's what I was just doing. Because my life seems to only have one theme right now ("Finding a Job"), I was reading one of the books my sister's boyfriend bought me (as a Graduation gift).

I found this particular passage to be, shall we say...eerily accurate--From that perennial classic, I'M AN ENGLISH MAJOR---NOW WHAT? (page 214):

I find that there are two kinds of people who sing the praises of the English major the most: English majors who are secure in a job, and non-English majors who are secure in a job. It's very easy when you're got a job--especially one that puts an English major's talents to use--to talk about how flexible and versatile and tremendously valuable is the major in English.

I suspect that this en
thusiasm is not shared by the English majors working as security guards or in an industry they dislike.

Wow, suddenly I don't feel so alone anymore.


Anonymous said...

Is this little quotoid a subtle stab at your former instructor?

Jason said...

No, not really. I was focusing on how this guy's seemed to single out "security" as a job for English majors on the skids. He could have said any number of things (like working in a bookstore), but somehow--this guy KNEW (me, Murph, the guy who wrote THE LIFE OF PI).

The Pondering Tree's Alpha Site said...

Spider Robinson, who is a prominent SF writer, worked as a rent a donut before he hit his first publications. There is a lot to recommend it IF you have the right assignment.

I suspect I'll be doing that sort of work this summer again. Unless I can shake something out of the National Park Service.

Lee's Summit, Missouri

Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said...

Have you given teaching any more thought? Apparently that Teach for America program has just a 6 week training program, and then you can get a job teaching English. I don't know, you might fall in love with it and want to teach forever and ever! :)