Sunday, March 16, 2008

After 'Da Party...

Well it's all over. I have some "groomspeople" picked out!

I was worried that everyone who said they were coming would come, but luckily most of the people I know are lame and bailed on me. Why is that good? Because the boys from the dorms came through and showed up! I figured they'd be the only ones to answer the call of "duty." Andy, Sam, and Mitch...the coolest guys from my old dorm all showed up together. We had pizza and played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii (I actually did pretty good, I even won a few times).

Oh, and Leah...turns out we don't have ALL the characters after all (not by a long shot).

Then we busted out ROCK BAND and jammed. This was what spawned the evening's best/most memorable moment--we had a giant sing-a-long to Weezer's "Buddy Holly." It was great. Then we YouTube-ed fights in Parliament (don't ask), and watched an episode of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS (which none of them had seen). They all seemed very honored to be asked to take part in the wedding, and I now have my groomsmen (plus Becky--who is my groomsperson because she rocks and knows a lot about SharePoint).

A good time was had by all. There is a bunch of pizza left over, so I guess I'm having pizza for breakfast, lunch, and probably dinner (thanks for buying the pizza Becky!).

Some Highlights:

There were two people who weren't there (not through any fault of their own) who I really miss--my friends Katie and Paul. Paul was supposed to come, but something came up...Katie's been having phone issues so she didn't get the word out. Katie--if you see this: Paul and I want to get together the week of Spring Break! I'll email you this week.


Jimu said...

did you get my message on your phone?

I tried leaving you my new number. (and I am sorry that I forgot about this)

Jason said...

Yeah, your brother gave it to me on Saturday night. I actually wanted to hand out WITH BOTH OF YOU, but neither of you returned my calls/Facebook invites. I guess David lost his phone...that sucks (remember when I lost mine the woods?).

Anyway, I for some reason...I really want to take Davu to a casino...just to see what happens.

Dave said...

I don't do well with games of chance, sadly. I learned this in Vegas.

But I'd go anyway!

Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said... miss me? Sorry I missed your party! Next week (Spring break week) sounds great. What did you have in mind? Just so you know, if you don't call me, the easiest way to get a hold of me is on MySpace. I'll talk to you soon!

Amber said...

What am I nobody! You did not even mention me once in "After 'Da Party" I am truly hurt!:(