Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Friday Video Blog! Blame ROCK BAND

I didn't do a Friday video blog. Why? Because my ROCK BAND broke!

Nothing like a $200 toy...right?

See, all was well this morning. I played it, and it was just fine. Then they put out a stupid "update" patch. Well it was pretty cool--a bunch of cool new features (the best was the new music store--think iTUNES in ROCK BAND). Anyway, I shut my system off. A few hours later, went to play it (with Leah) and now it don't work.

The patch killed it? Is it the disc??? Who knows. All I know is, this sucks. I contacted EA (the company that distributes the game) but who know what they will tell me. I'm going to see if I can borrow/rent the game to see if this is just a disc problem. Beyond that....?

Who knows, I may never get to play it again! *gasp*

All I know is: my entire 3 day weekend is now shot to hell. That's all I had planned. Now what? Oh on my must be joking...


Murph said...

Well, since you're not doing anything right now, you can help me grade my tests.

Man, Terri warned me. It is scantrons next fall.

On a serious note, I noticed that the price of a lot of gear was going way down at Best Buy. I'm guessing the drop has to do with economy going into the shitter. Maybe the Rock Band gear will drop as well.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

There are "other ways" of getting things...I discovered over the weekend.

Students (like me) hate Scantron tests...but they really are the best way to go (from the teachers point of view).

Just be sure to hand the tests back at THE END of class...I hated it, but it does save you some headaches.

I'm worried about the economy...

Dave said...

Now, I always loved the scantron.

Multiple choice is something I'm GOOD at.

Jason said...

What to do for my Friday Blog this week? I really want to do one, but not alone...

Davu, any thoughts?

Ady said...

Great work.