Monday, March 10, 2008

Huge, a huge...RUT

Usually, I don't censor myself--but for some reason after I posted this last night...I took it down. But I thought about it, and what the hell:

I am in a rut.

For about month now, my days have all been the same. I get up in the afternoon, bicker a little with Leah and have lunch. I take a shower, then go to work. Work. I come home, we watch a DVD or something...she goes to bed, I stay up till 4:00AM (reading in the bathtub, mindlessly checking the same three or four websites, etc.).

Everyday for my dinner, I eat two apples and a turkey and cheese sandwich. Now, this has changed recently, because we got Dijon mustard as well as the hot sauce that I like. It's not an either/or proposition...I now simply use both. Most Saturday nights, I come home and eat beans and rice (this weekend, however, was different because I became determined not to do what I'd done for the past few weeks).

Friday I wake up late, me and Leah fight/bicker/whatever. Then we go out and buy something (we don't need), usually no more than $50. I usually go to bed earlier than usual (2:00AM) because I have work early on Saturday morning. My Sundays are equally planned out: movies with Leah and her Dad (this weekend it was 10,000 BC (dreadful)). Most of the time we go out to eat. This weekend was different, her mom came along too.

On my day's off, I wish I was at work...when I have to work during the week--I wish it was my day off. See a pattern? I do. I'm fucking Bill Murray in that movie GROUNDHOG DAY. Except I'm not trying to electrocute myself (yet). I'm in a rut.

Next weekend is going to be different. Leah's going to be out of town in Chicago...and I'm going to be having a party after work on Saturday night. That's good. That's a start, but I don't think I can wait that long for the "different" to come. I need help getting out of this rut. Advice???


Dave said...

This party... you are hosting, yes?

Jason said...

Yep I'm hosting.

Jimu said...


step 2. instead of staying up and watching a dvd, call someone up and hang out with them.

step 3. institute a night where you play board games/card games with Leah. I know.. I know.. card games.. woo. but it will be one night of different.

best way to break out of the rut, is to choose the path less traveled .

or if thats not literary enough, go with leaves of grass and why whittman decided to go home from living out in the wild, because he was wearing a path from his house to the lake. and he realized all he had done was changed ruts.

Dave said...

Okay... first step: find a new job.

Second step (ONLY to be done when step one is complete): Punch your boss in the face. You now have your two weeks notice period free.

Step 3: Road trip to vegas. You'll have to do all the driving, but I'll be glad to keep you awake with horrible puns, and chip in for gas.

Step 4: strippers!

Dave said...

Important addendum: In step 2, it's the OLD boss, not the new one.

Jason said...

Alright...where to begin...


as always, you propose some moderate/sensible solutions. I tried to do a card night with Leah and her Dad, but for some reason she rejected this...I guess I'll try again. The food thing is tough, because we aren't made of money...but also because I have to eat at work (so making a sandwich and 2 apples is easier than, say meatloaf or something hot/tasty). I'll see what I can do.


The opposite of your brother, you come up with great crazy/inventive solutions. Not sure how Leah would feel about the strippers, but a trip to Vegas (or anywhere) would be awesome. We're not too hot on money right now...BUT, Leah's bound to get a job someday, and when that day comes we should start saving for a vacation (I guess we're going to Hawaii for our Honeymoon...but the how/when of that is yet to be decided).

thanks you two, i almost feel better...

Terri said...

Stand on your head.

Jimu said...


"The food thing is tough, because we aren't made of money...but also because I have to eat at work (so making a sandwich and 2 apples is easier than, say meatloaf or something hot/tasty). I'll see what I can do."

rut = easy
out of rut = work.

(thats why its called a rut. usually one is too bleh to work to change it so its hard to get out, so you get bleh.. so its harder.. so more bleh.. etc..)

Abbey said...

Swap sides of the bed with Leah, so at least you will be starting out the day different...go left handed all day (or right, whatever is not your norm)

Say big cheesy hello to ten people you dont know, just to get their reaction

my husband and I swapped roles for a week, but he had his own business so it was a bit easier....

Ruts suck, for the simple fact when your stuck in one, it seems such a big effort to get out

Good luck with it