Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reunion "Tour"

Tonight I did something unusual...not in the sense that it was strange for most people, but rather--it was out of character for me.

I went and saw some friends.

It's not that I don't have many friends (I do), but I rarely keep in touch with the people I meet and befriend. For the past 2 years or so, I've had two people who I have known who were always there for me--my friends Paul and Katie. We started as "class friends" who became friendly via our bitching about classroom stuff (assignments, exams, tuition, and the like). Usually these people fade out as a semester ends, but with us we tried to take many of the same classes together.

Now that I'm a graduate, I miss many things about college, but I don't miss anything as much as I do those two people. I wasn't very hopeful about a continued friendship with them, because--frankly, my track record isn't very good when it comes to such things...

ANYWAY, I went and saw both of them tonight. It was really good. We didn't even do anything but just sit and talk, but it felt really good. I realized tonight that--as weird as it might sound (which is why I'll probably never say it) I love both of them very much.

Life can get very hectic, and you can easily lose sight of what really matters--and that's the people. People are more valuable than either time or money. Those things can be spent and used up...friendship, if nurtured properly--can and should last forever. We've made another "appointment" to get together, and I feel much better in just knowing that.

Take a little advice from the Limemonkey, ditch the yard work...or the TV-show...or the extra shift at work...and go visit your friends. They miss you. They may need a little prodding, but in the end they will thank you. Because it's just good medicine to be around people who like (and care) about you. People who aren't contractually obligated (by law or blood) to be around you...but still want to be.

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