Friday, March 07, 2008

A *SHOCKING!* New Friday Video Blog

I did! I actually got one up on time!


Dave said...

Those sonicare things are like $75-150. It's insane.

Jason said...

Yeah, not sure if we ever talked about it...but she got it by participating in BuzzAgent. It's this website that gives you product samples, in exchange for you spreading the "word" to your friends/family/co-workers.

Usually it's just gum or a new candy you can imagine how happy she was when they sent her a fancy, electric toothbrush.

I hate it. The vibrations hurt my gums.

Jason said...

I just re-watched that...and realized I am a rambling idiot.

Jimu said...

yes but you are "OUR" rambling idiot and we wouldn't have you any other way!

Murph said...

Five dollars for a toothbrush? Dude, you got robbed. Or your parents did.

It does rather look like something one used to scrub a toilet, but it is all too pristine to be a true toilet toothbrush.

Trust me, I know.

Imagine if you cleaned your sixteen with it.

Great video. I could say something about the other toothbrush, but I teach these days so I figure I'd better exercise some restraint.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

Murph! You're the first one to "go there" (even if you didn't). Congrats! I was wondering who would be the one...

Thanks for having some class.

Anonymous said...

I had to have my teeth deep cleaned last summer and I'm only permited to use those power toothbrushes now. I prefer the old-fashioned kind, but the "vibrating" ones supposedly do a far better job. if you want teeth when you're my age, get a cheap power brush.