Friday, March 14, 2008

Irish Potato Bread

Today Leah and I had an early St. Pattie's Day lunch. She used her crock-pot to cook potatoes and corn beef. I made Irish Potato Bread. I think it turned out okay (considering I'm a lousy baker) but Leah didn't think so (it wasn't what she said so much as how little she ate). Still, I thought it was decent. Since she's leaving tonight (5:30 train to Chicago) that's probably going to be my dinner (and breakfast).

Random thought:

We need a grater (by the way).


Mountaingirl said...

It looks delicious! Any chance of the recipe :-)

Terri said...

Mountain girl took the words out of my mouth.

Years ago when I was attending UMKC they made their glazed doughnuts out of a potatoe dough--they were heavy substantial doughnuts and I loved them.

Mountaingirl said...

Ok Terri, do you have a recipe? They sound delicious!

Jason said...

Mountaingirl--It IS delicious (I'm eating it right now as my dinner). I'll post the recipe in a little bit).

Terri--Glazed doughnuts with potato dough? YES PLEASE! Sign me up! (sounds good)

Terri said...

I never found a recipe though I have looked for years---that would have been circa 1978!