Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sleep Vs. Ghost

Okay, I'm at work. I am very sleepy.

Didn't sleep last night, at all. My schedule is really screwed up--no morning shifts all week, then a day off, then a 10 hour morning/evening shift, then day off....repeat.

Went home at midnight, no sleep. Sat in bed and watched time roll by on clock on nightstand. Now I'm at work. Can't sleep. Nothing to do.

When I got here, in the morning...there was someone already in the building. A black girl, young (maybe 19 or 20). I said hi to her, I had to say it twice. We made eye contact, then she rounded a corner...I did my unlocks, and now I can't find her. six hours later, and i still cant find her.

Did I just imagine? Was she here? How did she get in? There was an administrator in the building, over in the offices...but he used h is accesss card. Couldnb't have let her in. I checked the catwalk in the gym, first time I ever went up there. I checked the lady's locker, not there. I don't know which I want--her to be real or for me to have just dreamed it up.

I went to the bathroom, sat down, tried to sleep--can't. Fuckers at Uni-guard have me so well trained, I can't sleep on the job anymore. thank God for Spring Break, my 10 hour shift is only 9 hours. I thought I could handle this because i did it all summer but it's been six months since I've worked through this much sleep I forgot how hard this really is. Glad the ride home is much shorter than downtown KC to Lee's Summit.

since I can't sleep I'm going to keep looking for that girl. I haven't seen her leave.


Jason said...

I made it home alive.

Man, I was tired. I'm sleepy now, but am staying up a few hours before turning in for the day...

I think the girl was real (I never found her) some d-bag coach/office worker probably let her in...

Leah is playing ROCK BAND...ugh.

Jimu said...

I have had it when I was lacking sleep big time, that I saw ghostly silhouettes of people where there were no people. *look at car and I see guy sitting in car all in black* *look again... no one there* type thing. I started getting sleep and the people dissapeared.

(the worst was when I was at the mall before it opened to open up suncoast. and from inside the sealed store a shadow LEPT AT MY FACE but never left the store front. I looked again. nothing... wierded me out for the whole day.)

Jason said...

It's amazing what can happen after only a few hours of missed sleep, isn't it?