Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey Axl! Wouldn't "you like to be a Pepper, too?"

I love the juxtaposition in the title CHINESE DEMOCRACY.

Guns 'N Roses isn't really from my generation, but this mythical album (CHINESE DEMOCRACY) is my generations SMILE. You know? The brilliant-never-released rock record that the crazy/genius/hermit-perfectionist artist has recorded...but won't release.

This thing has been "cooking" since 1991, and ever year or so it's "expected" to come out. This year, for some reason...people are thinking it's about to come out (or "drop" as the kids say nowadays). If it came out tomorrow I would be equal parts shocked and not that surprised.

I've actually heard a few of it's songs (or songs that are rumored to be on it). I heard both on Michael Butler's podcast, one was a song called "I.R.S" which was actually really good (sounded like vintage GNR) the other was (if I remember correctly) called "Madagascar" and was a bit strange (but good). Anyway, that was a while back (years back).

Why am I bringing this up? What does it matter to you, my casual reader (read: friend, co-worker, parent, sister, or ex-teacher)? Well it matters because this week Dr. Pepper got involved with the whole "CHINESE DEMOCRACY Legend." Yep, seems that the good people over at Dr. Pepper have decided that if Axl gets off his ass and releases the record, "every man, woman, and child in the US will get a free can of Dr. Pepper."


So now we have THREE reasons to wish, hope, and pray...for Chinese Democracy.

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