Thursday, March 20, 2008

Limemonkey Life Update

I don't feel like I'm blogging very much lately. Anyway, here's what's going on with me right now:

1. Job sucks--a student worker kicked a soccer ball into a lady's face a few nights ago (the same little shit who I got into a fight with, about rough-housing at the front desk--if you recall he beaned me in the groin with a ball). So today my boss asked me if he wanted me to fire him...I was a pussy and told him "no" (even though he treats me like crap sometimes and is lazy...I don't want to be responsible for firing him).

2. I have an interview on Tuesday (a phone interview) with a public interest research group (a non-profit!). It's a "campus organizer" position. Sounds like it might be interesting--the pay is waaay better than what I'm making now (so I probably won't get it). We'll see...

3. No work on the novel.

4. Leah is back in STL and sick (cold/flu). Honestly, whenever that girl goes to Chicago she gets sick. Anyway, since she's sick I'm probably going to be sick...I guess it's a good thing I have a 3-day weekend coming up.

5. I'm obsessed with THE DARK TOWER series. I'm smack dab in the middle of the third book...I'm desperate to get Leah's just too cool for school.

6. I'm obsessed with finally finishing ROCK BAND's guitar mode in "Expert" difficulty. I have ONE SONG LEFT ("Green Grass and High Tides" by The Outlaws). It's f-ing hard. Also, they posted a bunch of Greatful Dead songs up a few weeks ago--and they rock. I downloaded "Truckin'" and "Casey Jones." They're surprisingly hard to play (lots of little intricate noodling).

7. Not going home to KC for Easter--I feel bad I let my family down, but not that broken up about "no Easter" this year. Finally no longer a Christian? Was I ever one to begin with???

8. Probably going to have a crappy Friday V-blog...I think I may have raised the bar too high last week (just kidding).


Mountaingirl said...

So did three days off make any of these things better?

Jason said...

No, not really. Luckily I have an interview on Tuesday. I hope I get that job.