Friday, January 11, 2008

2 Interviews, 1 Problem

Okay, well today was the day of my interviews. I woke up, took Leah to the airport then went home and got cleaned up. I went to my first interview (the one I was most excited about) and it went well. The lady interviewing me even told me that it went well. I then went home and watched the new FUTURAMA movie (it was actually really good). Then I went to my second, spur-of-the-moment/short notice (yesterday) interview. I went in thinking "this is going to be a crappy, low paying, part-time job." Actually, it turned out to be: 1. Better paid than the first job, 2. Full-time, and 3. Loaded with all kinds of good benefits (like say..oh I don't know, halthcare--including dental and vision, personal days, vacation days. I was floored. Plus the job is a supervisor position, not "low-man-on-the-totem."

Alas, I was very much shocked, and I think that interview went well too (I was at the second interview much longer than the first). It sucks that they are both security (as I've been there/done that). However, both jobs are for cool/good companies and would probably both sustain my interest for at least 2 years. HOWEVER, there is a problem...when I got home from my second job interview, job #1 called me and offered me the job. I don't know the pay (but it will be less than #2, I assure you) and the number of hours/when I'll work is still very much up in the air. I want # 2, but it seems like #1 is a sure thing. I guess I'm going to pursue #1 and hope for #2...and if it comes through I guess I'll have to be honest and say, "Hey I'm really sorry...but I got a better offer."

Either way, it looks like I have a job (of some variety) which is good. NOW, once all this blows over I'll use names/details. I still can't believe how good #2 is. They said they'd call me sometime next week (I'm guessing early in the week because they need this position filled ASAP). But for now, all I can do is wait. And enjoy the (lonely) weekend.


Terri said...

Ain't it nice to feel so "wanted."?

Jason said...

It's amazing! I've never had to call someone up and say "thank you, but I've decided to go work a better job..."

Can't wait to do that Monday (still it would have been fun to work the zoo).