Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Need A Job

Okay, Wow.

That's all I can say "wow." Why did I go to college? I've been trying to find a job today...browsing multiple job-type websites--and boy am I in trouble. For starters, trying to find an entry level position sucks. If I had some experience (or had some sort of direction) then maybe this would be easier. The only jobs in the "entry-level" category that I keep finding are "sales" jobs. Now, I wasn't too sure what that meant...so I did what any young person would do, I went on Wikipedia. "Sales" (besides sounding boring as hell) is basically just trying to convince people that they need to buy whatever you're selling. Great, gee sign me up.

I have a lady (who keeps calling me) that's supposed to call me sometime (maybe this week) about an entry level sales job. I honestly would rather puke up all my internal organs.

I have three problems:

1. I'm still in a "kid" mindset (I don't see myself as qualified to do anything).
2. I have no real experience (other than basic retail and security).
3. I have no idea what I want to do.

On top of that, I also need money. Now, I know I could go find a random security company and have a job in less than five days...but I really want out of security. I hate it (and it hates me). I don't want anything to do with retail (which in this country, in this day and age is pretty much impossible for someone like me). So where does that leave me? I don't know. I do know that whatever optimism I once had is pretty much gone, and I'm seriously regretting graduating.


Becky said...

I had the same problem in May 07. I had put out 100 resumes or more and no one had responded. I had a CS degree and thought hey that's a marketable degree right? I had a ton of website experience from school where I went out and just told them I'd do there site for free and for the experience. You just have to keep putting out a bunch of resumes a day like I told Leah and then hope someone picks one up and you get a job. It's a tough market for that first one. When you have the experience, then you can choose whatever job you want. Good luck man. You seem pretty smart, so I'm sure you'll find something.

Jason said...

Thanks Becky, that makes me feel (a little) better. I'm setting a 3 applications a day goal (starting tomorrow). We'll see if I can meet it. I don't think I'm stupid, I just have trouble seeing myself doing anything (job related). Right now the two things I'd like to do more than anything are take a vacation to Hawaii (I miss it) and finish my novel. I can't seem to do either right now, and it's driving me crazy.

Anonymous said...

You are qualified for technical writing, which is a job that can be done on a contract basis.

You are also qualified to do legal secretary work--you don't know how many people can't read and can't write nowadays because to you it is second nature, like breathing.
(They make good money)

You could also look into doing corporate training, teaching basic business English.

You could start out by using Kelly Services, a temp agency that would allow you to sample a variety of business settings.

You would also be good as a "creative" person for an ad agency. And, if you could interest yourself in sales, becoming an account executive might be up your alley.

All of these are occupations that former English majors of my acquaitance have pursued.

Jason said...

It's funny you should mention a temp agency Terri, because I've been thinking about going to one. I've been a little hesitant about it...I guess I always thought they were for people that couldn't find a job on their own...

BUT I think it would be a good way to sample a bunch of different jobs (and get a variety of skills).