Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two Days/Advanced Reviews

Two days, that's how long before the first overly-hyped movie of 2008 comes out. I talked to Amber tonight, about where we're going to see it. In my hometown, there is only one theater--and it's pretty lousy. The place is run with a skeleton crew of High Schoolers. The theaters are dirty, the seats are uncomfortable. Worse, the owners try to save money by using dimmer-than-normal projection bulbs. This makes the picture drab and washed out looking. They also have a lot of sound problems--not too soft, not matching up with the visual. What's also weird, is that the patrons are the worst moviegoers I've ever seen. The only way I can figure it is that the theater's crappy-ness rubs off on people and makes them act up. Every time I go there, I swear I'm never going back...but it's very convenient. And that is why this awful theater stays open: it's the only game in town.

Hopefully we're going to be able to convince everyone to NOT go to this theater.

Anyway, I'm a movie nerd/film buff and I loves me some giant I'm pretty excited. That said, I'm pretty sure that like most hyped things--this movie will be a bit of a disappointment. However, there are a few early reviews floating around out there on the net...and the ones I've read are positive. has an early (spoiler-free) review (they gave it a three and a half stars out of five):

Cloverfield will grab you in its jaws, toss you around like a chew toy for a rollicking 80 minutes (yes, it's a short – but oh so sweet – flick) and still leave you panting for more. However, this is not some dumb action flick. Don't expect to forget this film the moment you walk out of the cinema. It's not that sort of movie.

Cloverfield gives its audience a way of relating to its nightmares behind the guise of a high-action genre flick. It is one thing to sit on the edge of your seat in a cinema and feel like a potential monster snack, but when you let your mind wander to who you would want to call when the first rumble hit your city, or how you would react on a street teeming with fear and dust clouds and frantic people, that is when a colder fear sinks in.

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