Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pink Potatoes

"Pink Potatoes" have you lost your mind Jason?

Perhaps. Tonight is me and Leah's last night together, before she vanishes again into the harsh New Mexican desert. To celebrate, I cooked us one last meal. Actually, I just wanted to use up some stuff before it all went bad (last time she went to N.M. we ended up having to throw away a lot of food--see, when she's not around I don't cook or eat very much). As some of you may know, I like to cook...but my plates are always so bland looking.

So, I tired to think of a way to "dress-up" some bland, beige colored dishes. The solution I came up with was BEET JUICE!!! Yes!!! I'm sure I'm not the first/only person to come up with this...but it still felt good when it worked. There is no taste (that I can tell) and it looks so strange/great. A very bright, vibrant pink. HOORAY!!!

Note: none of these photos were touched by Photoshop...this is how my meal ACTUALLY looked tonight:


Jason said...

Leah says the beets look like "turds." Thanks Leah...thanks...(you ate 'em baby!!!).

Terri said...

As a young married, I was given a BUNCH of homegrown beets and so, decided I'd best pickle them...long story short my entire kitchen was the same bright color as your potatoes.

I heard recently that some municipality in KC was adding beet juice to the salt they put on slick winter streets--as it improves the melting capacity of the the salt. Go figure.

Jason said...

You know, I've noticed that out here too (pink salt crystals in the winter). I always assumed it was a harsh chemical or something (like the pink anti-freeze stuff for your car). Interesting. Yeah, my hands were pink-er than usual after I scoured the pan...but it was worth it.