Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We're close...but are we THAT close?

Hey. I'm still sick/miserable--and unemployed. I spent the day playing BIOSHOCK (after I applied for some jobs online). That game is really freakin' sweet, it's so customizable. Anyway, despite the doom and gloom, there is one silver lining to my month of January...CLOVERFIELD!!! Yes folks, it's nearly here. I thought I'd spread/post this possible


They are saying (over at Movieweb) that this is an image of the Cloverfield Monster:

However, please take that with a grain of salt...because the good folks over at Ain't It Cool News claim that it's only loosely related to the movie (it was designed by the dude that created the real monster). Too bad, because I actually really like this design (though I'm a little sick of 2-legged monsters--the I hope the real one is on four legs). Anyway, we'll all know soon enough. The eighteenth is nearly upon us (and I'm sure an image of the legit monster will surface before then).

UPDATE: And if you go *here* you can view the last TV-spot to that's going to be released before the film opens. Not a whole of new stuff, but there is an interesting/gross part where the yuppies see a WAVE of rats running away from "something" in the subways. If there is one thing there movies have taught us, it's that animals KNOW!!! If you see Bambi and friends running--you better run too.


jimu said...

here are 4 posters for the movie..

one has a shadowed outline of "it"


I so want to see this.

Jason said...

I am SO excited. I hadn't seen those posters before (which is unusual). I googled "Cloverfield poster" and it came up as "Fake Colverfield Posters." So I dunno...but yeah, the marketing for this thing is genius.

I wish we could all go see it together, but I promised Amber I'd go see it with her in KC.

Terri said...

K & I were recently discussing how they need to create some new monsters. Ever notice how they all have heads? Even within the biological diversity on our planet, not all creatures have heads--some single cell creatures have everything they need in one tight package.

Some of the art work of the Cloverfield monster I've seen looks remarkably similar to that tree man in Thailand. He has HPV on his hands and feet--which has left him with growths resembling twigs and roots on his extremities.

Jason said...

Yes! Thank you!!! I'm not saying I want an amorphous blob or anything...but it would be nice if this thing didn't look exactly like Godzilla (or a dinosaur).

This coming from the guy who loves dinosaurs.