Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back (again) in STL...but still thinking about KC

Yep, I'm back home once again. That long road home wasn't so bad today--the traffic was light and I had 2 CD's of MP3 music (though I only needed one). It was a nice little visit. I got to see the family, see Cloverfield (X2), and of course...I got to see Rocky.

Ugh. Imagine the most ferocious hell hound...and you have my sister's dog. Don't believe me? I tried taking his picture a few times and he got all pissy with me. Here, check it out:


Anonymous said...

The snaps with his ears laid back are freaky.

Isn't there a rule of thumb about dogs--the smaller they are the fiercer they'll be?

Jason said...

Yeah, that dog is freaky in general. And he HATES me (no idea why). He's never bitten me, but that's probably because I don't get too close (in fact, I refuse to touch it).