Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well today I woke up feeling slightly less sick! I got dressed and went to get my hair cut...I didn't want to, but I need to make a good impression tomorrow on my interviews (yes, that's right I used the plural...more on that in a moment). So I got my ears-lowered (a stupid expression). Then we went to Harrah's to meet Leah's Dad for lunch--a working lunch. Yes, that's right...once again we were secret/mystery-shopping Harrah's. I think we made like $80.

The casino mailed use each $10 (which we found out was divided into 2 $5 coupons that were valid on different dates) so we had a little money to gamble with. I took my money and split up with Leah (her mystery shopping stuff is boring). I sat down at the penny slots and proceeded to lose a $5 bill...then I used my coupon. I got all the way down to like $2.25 and thought "what the hell!" I decided to keep going though and, a few minutes later had won over $30!!!

That's the worst thing that can happen to me, winning I mean. I cashed out, like a good boy and called Leah to come and take it away from me (before I played with and lost it). She came and took it from me, and gave me a $10 bill--which I promptly lost. So all told, I made like $15. Go me!

Anyway, while I was out I played phone tag with another possible employer. He called and left me a message saying he wanted to interview me tomorrow. So I called him back and set something up. Which means my day is going to be interesting! Too bad both are security jobs. *sigh* they only want me for my money. It's weird, I'm very rarely in the position like this. I'm going to go to the first interview and tell him I'm going to have to think about it...then I'm going to the second. Frankly--if I can, I'm going to take both jobs. I know that it probably won't work out like that, but if it does (by some miracle of God) I will. They're both really crappy and I could have worked both of them prior to graduation, but we need money coming in...and frankly, today was the first day since Monday that I left the house. I need to get out. Sitting around waiting for people to call me sucks. So I'll take what I can and keep looking.

Ugh...tomorrow is going to suck though (I hate interviews). I have to wake up at 6:30 and take Leah to the airport (she's leaving for another week in New Mexico), then I have an interview at 10:00 and then another at 1:00. Ugh. Wish me luck

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