Friday, January 18, 2008

New Wipers & Meemoe Plays in the Snow

Today, among other things, I went out and did some maintenance on my car. Okay--that makes it sound like it was a really big deal, but all I did was change the stupid wiper blades. I've had my car since 2003, and in that time I've never changed the blades. The last few times it's rained I've nearly had to pull over because I could not see. On the way home to KC yesterday, I nearly died when I tired to clean my windshield...

The last time I tired to change wiper blades was back in High School, on my first car a Chevy Corsica (crappy, crappy car). Anyway, it didn't go so well and I ended up having to get some help. THIS time though, I thought: "You're a college graduate, a grown-up for crying out can do this..." So I went, and dropped $32 on top-of-the-line wiper blades. It took me like 30 minutes. The directions made no sense, and when I was done--I had a few parts left over...but I did!!!

So when that was done, Meemoe (who came with me to KC) came outside and played in the snow. He's crazy about that snow. Loves it...can't get enough of it. Amber let him borrow some doll clothes (dinosaurs aren't made for cold weather), and Lindsey let him use her sled. He had a blast:

That's about all I did today...oh yeah, I also went and saw CLOVERFIELD. But I'll write about a little later...*Evil Laugh*


Lrgblueeyes said...

MeeMoe you sooo cute

Meemoe said...

I know I am!