Sunday, January 27, 2008

Second Day Off

I won't lie, this has been a rough/bad week for me. I really don't feel like getting into it, but my new job sucks the big one. Actually, I take that back...I will get into it. The benefits offered to me at the interview were overwhelming (I get insurance!) but the meager pay and flaky hours (I work 38 hours every week...some weeks (when people take off) I'll get more...but they make me take 30 minute breaks every 4 hours I work. This translates into 3 hours a week so I'm really only working 36 hours a week) are starting to make the deal seem less sweet.

Then there is the humiliation of going to work at UMSL. Where I see people I used to know...and I have to deal with the question, "Why are you here? Didn't you graduate?" Ugh. The kids I work with don't make me feel any better ("Have you thought about writing?" Dead God, help me).

But worst is the work itself, or rather the lack thereof. For starters, I should have realized it wasn't an actual security position when they didn't make me take a drug test or get certified with the Board of Police Commissioners (like Uni-Guard did). My job consists of locking doors and washing towels. Yes, that's right...most of my new job consists of touching mounds of sweaty, dirty, used towels. I do laundry for 7 hours. I take the towels back upstairs and fold them, so they can be handed out again. Ugh. The back of my hands are dry and itchy, as a result of the endless hand washing this job has forced upon me.

I was at work for 10 hours today (for some reason, I open and close the building once a week--and that means I work the whole day), and during that time I probably worked 3 hours. Now, why does this upset me? Well, because I'm the sort of person who isn't happy if they don't serve a purpose. On one hand I'm depressed because I make $20,000 a year (plus benefits) folding towels...and on the other hand my mind is fucking blown when I realize I get $20,000 just for folding towels and locking doors.

To say that I find my present job unfulfilling as well as unsavory, would be the understatement of the year. I knew my first job post-graduation would be bad (and temporary) until I could find something else...but Christ on a cracker people!!! I fold fucking towels...


Jason said...

Oh, and "yes!!! I am still looking!!!"

Terri said...

You took the words right out of my mouth.