Saturday, January 05, 2008


Woke up feeling sick. Yesterday me and Leah raked leaves for her parents (made $60). I enjoyed the physical activity, but I think being outside in the cold and wind was a bad idea. I've been staying up way too late lately, and that's what I did last night. I think the combination of those two things did me in. Last night, after we finished raking, we went to Blockbuster and I rented BIOSHOCK for XOBOX 360. It's really good, but really...really...really creepy. It's a horror/first person shooter (not usually my cup of tea) but this one is very well done. I think it's pretty much universally acknowledged as the best game of 2007. It's one of those games that messes with you while you play--hallucinations, the lights go out and all you can see is darkness. It's very literary (despite being such a bloody/horror mess). Very much influenced by Orwell and Rand. It also makes me think of Orson Welles. Imagine if Charles Foster Kane was trying to kill you in an underwater metropolis--that's BIOSHOCK.

Anyway, I've been playing through that...and that's about it. I applied for some more jobs today (not feeling very confident though). Next week I'm going to find a service before Leah leaves again for New Mexico. Which reminds me, CLOVERFIELD is about to come out, is everyone excited? I am. My new roommate is excited about it, too. All Meemoe's been talking about is "Cloverfield this" and Cloverfield that." The little scamp actually just got back home. Apparently there was a dinosaur jamboree/reunion or something...he took my digital camera with him. Most of the pictures were of clouds and blades of grass (and other things close to the ground), but this one (of him with his Uncle Rex) turned out pretty good:

It looks like they had a good time. He's been a little grouchy lately, so I didn't bother asking what he was doing with Leah's penguin oven-mitt. I didn't feel like getting into it with him. But from now on, me and Leah are keeping our stuff picked up...he has "stick fingers(paws)."


Dave said...

Bioshock's pretty fun.

I dunno if jimu's ever going to get around to playing it through... But I already finished.

Jason said...

I just killed my first "Big Daddy." It was intense. I love/hate they way they fuck with you (like when the lights go out). Great production values, good controls, interesting (non-traditional story)...but it's pretty brutal. I play for a while, but usually have to stop once I hit something that disturbs me too much (I stopped before dinner when I found a guy hanging from a water pipe, hooked to sparking car battery). I don't consider myself a baby when it comes to horror movies...but when it's interactive I find my tolerance is lower.

BTW--I'm not killing the little girls. Even though it's not the "easy path" I'm saving them. What did you choose David?