Thursday, October 30, 2008

"All You Need Is ROCK BAND"

Leah pointed out that today in USA Today it was reported that MTV Games/Harmonix are partnering with Apple Corp. on a new Beatles-music game.

Yes, that's right--my two great loves are getting married!

ROCK BAND+The Beatles=My money is about to fly out of my pockets.

The game will be a stand-alone game (not a ROCK BAND expansion, like the upcoming AC/DC track-pack--which I'm also buying) and will come out X-Mas 2009. Apparently George Martin's son is helping to produce the game. Awesome.

My only wish is that I can one day drunkenly sing "I Am the Walrus." Oh, and I can't wait to play the solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."


Amber said...

That's cool, speaking of the Beatles I have been listening to them on my ipod at work and I must admit that it makes the day tolerable. Although some of John Lennons works do make me want to stick it to the "man" and walk out! Haha!

Jason said...

I'm excited about it (obviously).

I bet people think I listen to The Beatles everyday, but I don't. I tend to go into phases where I do.

Do you remember listening to REVOLVER when we were home alone, when Dad would go to Longview for class?

Those were fun times.