Saturday, October 04, 2008


Tonight me and Leah are going down to the Tivoli to see Hayao Miyazaki's (the "Japanese Walt Disney) 1988 film classic MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO.

I've been fascinated by Miyazaki every since I went to a lecture about him a few years ago with my friend Andy (who is really into Japanese stuff). So far, all I've seen is SPIRITED AWAY (which is fantastic) but tonight that's going to change.

The comparisons to Dinsey are really only superficial (in that the films are animated, and highly successful). For the most part, Miyazaki's work seems more thought out and thought-provokings (i.e. it doesn't hit you over the head with a cutesy message). SPIRITED AWAY was very imaginative, and a little dark (for a kids movie).

I am glad tonight's film is dubbed in English, because I'm a lazy American. Well...actually, I don't mind reading subtitles, but at 12:00AM my brain does get a bit fuzzy.

I think that dubbing is lame when done for live-action films (where it is woefully obvious and mroe than a bit ridculous looking). For animation, however, I see nothing wrong with a little dubbing--especially when the target audience is children, who cannot always read (or ready very fast). Anyway, I highly...HIGHLY recommend SPIRITED AWAY. I'll let you know about TOTORO.


Jason said...

Ended up not going...too late for a certain (though nameless) baby.

Jimu said...

Totoro is one of my favorites..

if you guys wanted to come over sometime next week I have the DVD.

its kid friendly so no issues there.

Jason said...

I think she felt bad and got on the computer and moved it to the top of the pile on our NETFLIX.

But thank you Jimu.

Jason said...

Finally saw it was awesome. Worth checking out for the "Catbus" alone.