Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Snap! Better Open Hailing Frequencies...

So they've started releasing pics from the new J.J. Abrams STAR TREK movie. You know, the one that's going to take place in the 60's era TREK-verse.

Kirk with no Shats seems like a mistake to me...BUT look at this pic and tell me that don't look like STAR TREK:

Of course, they also post a few pictures that looked terrible. There's a really bad picture of the new bridge set over at does it look bad. Too shiny and blue/white. It looks, honestly, like a fucking Apple Store. I wasn't too worried about the sets, the production team said they wanted a "functional Enterprise bridge." Meaning everything would look cool--but ALSO have a "real" purpose. Not sure if they stuck to that philosophy.

I'm a closet TREK geek. My mother and my Uncle David got me into the show back when THE NEXT GENERATION Season 1 was one TV. I was hooked. I've always like classic TREK, but after watching a few episodes (including one the night before I got married, in a bar no less) I must say--it's probably a good thing they're not staying too close to the original series in terms of designs. That said, the old cardboard bridge was cooler than the shit I've seen thus far.

I'm really hoping that J.J. and Company pull off the impossible (frankly) and make a decent STAR TREK movie. For me, when it's done right--STAR TREK is wonderful glimpse at the possibility of man. These are dark times, and Roddenberry's hopeful look at our future (namely, one in which we all still exist/get along) is sorely needed.

So tell me, fellow STAR TREK geeks--what do you think?


Murph said...

I'm bothered by the mini-skirt to be honest. Roddenbery was never happy about that and you'll note that no such thing was in the original pilot, The Cage. I really wish that had stayed in the dustbin of history.

But yeah, I'll go see it when it finally comes out.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

You know, I've only seen pieces of "The Cage."

I'd love to sit down and watch the complete original series...but woman isn't geeky enough.

Anyway, I'll be there too Murph--even if this thing is starting to look a little dubious.