Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weeding out my Friends

I just axed 75% of my "friends" on FACEBOOK.

I do this, every now and then. For some reason I go through periods where I think having a ton of friends on FACEBOOK means I ACTUALLY have a ton of friends (like...for reals).

This is not one of those periods.

I ended fake digital friendships with old girlfriends, people I vaguely new in High School, and that girl I almost banged back in 2005 (pre-Leah). I feel better having a small, compact list of people I actually LIKE.

I really would like to opt out of FACEBOOK (again), but alas--this website is the only thing keeping me in contact with some of my old college chums. To give it up would mean I'd only know Leah and Rusty out here in STL-land. And that would be too sad.


Jason said...

I love that this post is freaking people out.

You know who you are.

Jason said...

...and if you're reading this--then you're a real friend, and I'd never axe you.

Jimu said...

what am I chopped liver?

Jason said...

No, you're not Jimu--which is why you're still my friend on Facebook.