Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Fistful of Great Videos

Check-check-check it out! Some videos, by some bands, that me and Leah saw @ The Kooks show:

"Returning to the Fold" By The Thermals (look! a girl on bass!):

The super-sexy MGMT song "Electric Feel" performed by Rock-A-Fire Explosion (warning! very creepy!):

"Mushaboom" by Feist (seems like something me mum would like):

New AC/DC, "Rock 'N Roll Train":


Lrgblueeyes said...

this is the actual video

Lrgblueeyes said...



Jason said...

Yes, that IS the actual video...but they both have Rock-a-fire explosion. I like the one that is mainly RAF.

But both are good.

I REALLY enjoy "Mushaboom." That chick is a really good singer

Jason said...


Holy head just exploded. That is TOO weird.

Hey, is that guy from UMSL gonna hook us up with Kings of Leon tix?

Lrgblueeyes said...

probably not, its a sold out show