Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yes! I DID watch IRON MAN instead of the Debate...

I wish people would get over these debates.

Scratch that--I wish people would get over this election. It's not their fault, I understand completely where they're coming from...I used to be stupid too. I used to actually think that by voting we had a choice in the direction this country was taking. Not so long ago, I even *gulp* voted. But now I realize that it's all a bunch of shit.

That's right, I'm not voting.

I'm not even going to register. You see, I'm tried of playing this little game--of lying to myself, that I matter. I don't.

I realized this the last time I was on an airplane. I must be the luckiest person when it comes to getting the window seat. I'm always getting it. Leah doesn't suffer from "stare out the window syndrome" like I do, so she lets me have it. Anyway, staring down from 40,000 feet above, you tend to see things the way they really are. Human beings, it turns out, are nothing. We're not even ants. Oh sure, put a bunch of us together and we're impressive enough--but for the most part one person (hell make it 1,000 people) don't amount to a hill of beans in this world (thank you Bogey).

As I listened to my (now dead) iPod desperately compete with the terrible whine of the twin engines, I made peace with the fact that in the grand scheme of things I am an insignificant speck. What does the opinion of one little boy matter to the universe? They didn't ask me about Iraq. They didn't ask me out this lame-ass bail-out. Why do they care now?

ANSWER: They don't care.

Are you really that stupid? Have you read the fucking Constitution? I ask, not in a rhetorical smart-ass-debating kind of way...I'm asking for real. I have. I own a slim little volume that contains the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (our Nation's first attempt at government), and the Constitution (with the Bill of Rights included). Now, it's been a few years since I read this thing...but I distinctly remember this one part, it was pretty important (but rarely mentioned by the jack-offs that go around preaching "Ya Gotta Vote!" mantra)...I speak of the Electoral College.

Ah yes, because you see, they don't actually care what you want or what you think. The generic, boogeymen "they" have already picked the next President. He's the one with the most fat-cats in his pocket. I don't know which one it is, but I do know that if you vote for the other guy you're throwin your vote away. Don't believe me? GO TALK TO THE PEOPLE OF FLORIDA (see the 2000 election. Then go and see the elections in 1876 and 1888 if you are confused as to what I'm talking about).

No, go forget Florida--go talk to the majority of this country that DIDN'T VOTE FOR BUSH THE FIRST TIME. What do I need to do, draw you a fucking picture??? I don't matter, you don't matter--this whole damn thing is a joke, and I'm not playing along anymore.

I like a good joke, every now and then...but does it always have to be at my expense?

Everyone I know babbles about how they don't feel "qualified" to vote. I tell them that' s they way you're supposed to feel. Politicians and their cronies put out misleading, confusing ads/messages that leave you thinking up is down and right is left. Why? Could it be that they know that if a few more of us woke up and realized what utter bullshit the political world has become, that we'd start picking up pitch-forks? And torches?

Yes, of course that's it.

I'm choosing to abstain (for once in my life, I DO choose abstinace) from the whole thing. It's ugly, vuglar, stupid, fill-in-the-blank____________. Next year we will either have an old white guy (and a lady) in the White House OR we will have a young black-ish dude (and a guy who cries like a lady) in the White House. Nothing will change either way. People are all up in arms against Bush--I'm not. Sure, he's made some mistakes, but Congress has LET HIM DO most of them. The President is an impotent figurehead, at the mercy of foreign and coporate influence. There is no more boat rocking in Washington.

The only way I'll ever be interested in politics is if we institute a mandatory "toliet flush" every few years. I propose that every elected official be "flushed" out (super-short term limits, married with "you can't be in government anymore" slips for career politicians).

So, to recap:

1. Enough with the debates already, I didn't watch it.
2. I'm not voting (or even registered).
3. Your vote is worthless--even if the election WAS decided by you (it's not), both candidates are the same and will do little-to-nothing overall.
4. Nothing will ever change in this country without a massive political bloodletting**.
5. We are all tiny, insignificant little ant-people from 40,000 feet.

**I mean this in the most innocent/metaphorical sense possible. Dear FBI/CIA/Homer-Land Security--I AM NOT saying to hurt anyone.


Mountaingirl said...

I declare up front I am a passionate voter and an avid election watcher - for any inersting election really.

So now I have got that out of the way, I read your post with genuine interest and while I don't agree with you, I do understand where you are coming from. I could agrue each point and try and get you to change your mind but I respect your intelligence and your opinion too much to even try.

What saddens me most about this election - or any American election really, is that so many people feel the same way you do.

The result of the US elections affect not only the citizens of the land but the rest of the planet - the economic and security systems of the planet are so interlinked with US policies - either directly or indirectly. Then you can add to that list the environment, trade, entertainment, culture as just as important and effected by the election.

The US government effectivley has a bigger say in or influence on my life than the Australian government - and I would give anything to have a vote because I am tired of not being able to control (even in a minute way) the policies that are being set.

Jason said...

I understand--the US government casts a big shadow on a lot of people.

But that frustration you feel, I feel it too.

The fact is, our government is such a big/nasty machine that no one man can change it. In fact, I'd argue the President can do very much to really effect it. What changes that ARE made can always be undone by the next party.

I for one am of the opinion that screaming at the ocean is pointless. You can't fight the tide, it will keep coming. Or, thinking about it another way--you can't "turn off" the Internet. It's just too big and complex for that.

That's how I feel about the government.

I know you non-US people really want me to get in there and elect Obama...but honestly, he's a douche-bag politician. He's not going to do anything different.

Bono and company once sang about how "nothing changes/on New Year's Day," well you may as well say the same thing about election day.

Sometimes I'm so angry about the state of things I think about running for public office, but I'm not a "good 'ole boy" and I'm not rich--plus I feel that I have too many skeletons (like this blog) in my closet.

Anyway, today is another day--and I can see how I was a bit too extreme when I wrote this post. That said, I think the "DEAR GOD YOU HAVE TO VOTE" crowd is too extreme too. I think that people can vote but it's not enough...and I guess that's what I'm reacting to. Voting is not enough, we all need to do more.

Americans love a quick fix, and right now "voting" is that fix. It's annoying because if we REALLY want change, we need to start doing more...thing is, I'm not sure what that "more" is.

Mountaingirl said...

I hear you :-)

BTW What was Iron Man like?

Jason said...

It's great escapist fun...which is about all the debates were/are--entertainment (at best).

Mountaingirl said...

Nothing wrong with entertainment :-)