Thursday, October 09, 2008

Engagement Photos

Today Leah and I got our wedding and engagement photos. Leah handled the whole "wedding photos" thing quite well. She didn't spend thousands of dollars for a few dozen prints...instead she bought the RIGHTS to the photos and had the place give up the photos digitally.

We can print them, burn them, email them--as WE see fit.

Smart girl, my wife.

Anyway, when she paid for the wedding we got an "engagement session" for free. So on September 12, 2008--I ditched work and we had our session. Here is a sampling of the (grizzly) results:





Jason said...

Yes, that last one is a joke. There are a shit-ton of pictures...but I'll spare you.

Brittany said...

That last one cracks me up. Congrats on the wedding, by the way!

Jason said...

Oh should see some of the other ones (they're a laugh-riot).

I take really bad pictures...I have a smiling issue. I can't smile on command.

Anyway, thanks!

Mountaingirl said...

You picked a great photographer - or is that just the natural beauty of the two of you shining through?

Lrgblueeyes said...

damn there is that freakishly long hand again