Friday, October 03, 2008



So I was in the grocery store, when Amber called me. She was spazzing out, asking me where Rosemont Illinois was. I told her I didn't know.

Then she told me that Oasis was playing there on December 12, 2008--and I said "Chicago."

Hell yes. Oasis is playing in Chicago. They have a new album coming out on Tuesday (which I was aware of) but this tour sneaked up on me. I am totally caught with my pants down. Luckily a strange series of events led Amber to today...and now we're going to the Windy City in December to see Oasis.



Amber said...

Fuck ya! It was like God was directing me to Ticketmaster. It's FATE!

Jason said...

The Rock God (I call him ROCK-TOR) has been kind to us. Give thanks.