Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How would YOU (yes, you!) Like a Save-the Dave Magnet?

Okay, well the wedding stuff is starting to move forward. It's really hard, what with the end of the semester looming. But we (and by that I mean "Leah") have been working hard and the invites are coming together.

Before we mail the invites, though, we have to send "save the date" notices. I'd never heard of these before, but they're like pre-invitations. Basically giving people a quick heads up to not plan anything on our wedding day. Leah wanted to do magnets after getting a Save the Date magnet from a friend. Rather than pay a company to make them for us, Leah and I worked together and made them ourselves (saving over $100).

Since Rusty can't go to the wedding, Leah decided to use him for the magnet. We're going to be mailing them out soon with our Graduation notices. If you want one (and aren't sure if you're on our list of good little boys and girls), shoot me an email.

Here's what it looks like:


Jason said...

Email me at

Melodie said...

Why can't Rusty go to the wedding? Why can't he be the ring bearer? I say Rusty should be there! They say dog is man's best friend why can Rusty be the best man!

Jason said...

Well I'm not sure what the policy is at the site, but I don't think Rusty is ready for that sort of exposure. When I was watching him while Leah was in Alaska, he embarrassed me my lunging at a the little girl that lives downstairs. He's a good boy, generally...but he'd need a lot more obedience schooling (plus who would "handle" him at the ceremony?)