Monday, November 12, 2007

Other than Novel Writing...

Not much going on in the world of the Limemonkey. I'm a little over a month away from graduation...and it's freaking me out. I'm sick of school, and ready to be done--but I fear for the future. I'll be glad when I can go out and make money again (being poor sucks), but I have no idea where I'll go to get work. My father in-law-to-be owns his own business and keeps hinting that he wants me to go work for him ($12 an hour) but the place is a dive and I don't want to work with someone I'm related with.

Career Services at UMSL was no help (more of a joke than anything else). Luckily, I'm a plucky sort of lad, who usually lands on his feet. Were it not for this fact, I think I might be in full blow panic mode.

I'm sure we'll get there soon...

I do plan on going on after Thanksgiving and giving that a whirl. But honestly, I'm not holding my breath.

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