Monday, November 05, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 5 Wrap-Up

Okay, it's starting to get hard. The ideas are all still there, I'm not running out of's the rest of my life that's the problem. The commitment to write everyday is pretty heavy. I got out of class today and went straight to the library, and sat there for three hours...and I was still 500 words short for the day's word count. Four hours later I sat down in my study and banged out 500 (and then some) words. Everything is fine, right?'s 7:00 and I still have ALL MY HOMEWORK to do. AHHHH!!! I have plenty of time to do it...but I like to do my poetry reading while the sun is still out (so I don't fall asleep). Now I have to go read a bunch of poetry with toothpicks in my eyelids. Oh well, these are the things we have to do sometimes...

The numbers:

Word count for today--1,882 (8 pages)

Total Word count--9,628 (37 pages)

I'm doing great! Five days in and I've exceeded the 1,667 word count everyday. I'm now 1,293 words ahead of schedule. Go me, I to go study...

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