Friday, November 02, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 2 Wrap-Up

Well I've officially given up on the NaNoWriMo website. I got on earlier today, but got frustrated with trying to edit my word count (basically, everything was taking WAAAAAY to long...again the site is swamped). I got up and messed around with the Nintendo DS (hand-held) game that I bought Leah for her birthday. When she left for work I wrote for about an hour, took a hot bath and pondered--then wrote for another hour.

Word Count: 3,349 (ahead of the 3,334 I was supposed to have). I'm only at 14 pages, but thankfully I'm not even close to running dry. I could do more, much more, but I'm pacing myself. I called home and talked my to Mom about this project, the more I talked about it...the more I realized that the "assignment" the word count gives me is what's going to help me see this thing through. I'm the sort of person who, unfortunately, needs some structure. If this novel-a-month thing works out, I may just do it again in a month NOT November. At first I saw this a a fault (needed structure), but I think it's pretty much human nature to put stuff off (if there is no due date!).

Leah has a big all-encompassing subject test tomorrow (she's trying to get into Grad school). So I'm getting up at 6:30AM tomorrow to make sure she gets out the door okay. I think once my brain warms up, I'm going to get my 1,667 done early.

These novel writing posts will get more interesting once I get a little further along (and encounter a road block). Overall, though, things are going good (I mean well).

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