Thursday, November 01, 2007

New CLOVERFIELD Trailer Coming Soon!

It's been a LONG time since I heard anything about J.J. Abrams "giant-monster" flick (which up till now has had no official title). Apparently, on November 16 an all new trailer will debut in front of BEOWULF.

As an English major (and a fan of that epic poem), I really wasn't keen on seeing a big-budget BEOWULF movie...but this development has changed things.

For a description of the trailer (someone over at apparently saw the new trailer, somehow) head here.

Biggest news this trailer will give us all: the title of the freaking movie!!! According to the guy who saw this trailer early, the title is CLOVERFIELD after all!!! How ironic would it be if that was it's actual name? All this time we had it, but we thought it was just a placeholder...

Speaking of which, I saved my novel on my laptop under the title of "Blue Harvest." If you get this are indeed A MEGA dork.

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