Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Mexico

Today was the first-full day in New Mexico. I got up and did some writing (still have another 200 words to go before I meet my word count, though). After that we went shopping (for Thanksgiving). Apparently New Mexico has a local store called "Costco" never heard of it, but it seemed like a nice mom-and-pop store.

After that, Leah's sister and her husband took us on a nature hike at a place called Tent Rocks State Park. I'm still getting over my sniffles, and it was pretty cold/windy, but overall we had a blast. I'd love to write more, but I still need to finish working on my novel. Enjoy these highlights:

On the way to our hike, we spotted this huge junk-yard fire. It was cool.

Though it was called "Tent Rock State Park" it looked more like "Penis-Shaped Rock State Park."

Overall, New Mexico is a beautiful place. I've never been in a more beautiful place that had so little...

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