Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Spice of Life

I did something today that I haven't done in a long while--I went to the movies by myself. I went and saw THE DARJEELING LIMITED, the new Wes Anderson flick. I love Anderson's movies, they're very literary. If you haven't seen any of his movies, go rent RUSHMORE. Start there, his movies are great.

Anyway, it was good...but I felt weird going to the movies alone. I hate being "that guy" (read: creepy weirdo sitting alone). Leah offered to go along with me, but I didn't want to drag her to something I know going in she wouldn't like. This has come up a few times this past week.

Me and Leah like a lot of the same stuff (video games, manga/anime/comic books) but lately I've been noticing all the differences in our tastes. She gets mad at me because whenever we're out, and we hear a song playing (somewhere) I ask her "Who's this?" She never knows. I'm obsessed with music, I own at LEAST 500 CD's. Leah has like 20.

Then there is the movies. I like a lot of old, classic movies. Leah does too, but sometimes I get the feeling she likes the "idea" of old movies...more than actual old movies (example: she's never seen CASABLANCA or THE GODFATHER). Then today, things got weird. In the morning, I thought we were both going to the movie. I went into the office to write, and when I finished Leah was watching PRACTICAL MAGIC (chick flick about witches). I went and had a sandwich, and when I was finished I saw that she was watching it AGAIN! That's right, she finished it and started it back up again.

I admit that's strange, but that's why I love her. I'm not sure if I'd like it if we were into ALL the same stuff. I know she thinks I'm freaked out by her re-watching that movie...but I'm not (not that freaked out anyway). I do wish I had someone that I could talk to about books...but honestly, I'd probably be really annoyed with her if she was an English major like me. I look around at the people in my classes, and they're all so phony. These pseudo intellectual-types make me want to puke.

So anyway Leah, it's okay we don't like all the same stuff. I realize that I shouldn't complain (after all you do like comic books).


Lrgblueeyes said...

I wish I read more, I used to devour books but it just doesnt seem a priority anymore. I loved the 2 epic conversations about books we had.

he eats the tiger at night so he doesnt have to see himself do it, like a dream or more like a nightmare , thats why the island is only dangerous at night

Jason said...

Yeah you're right...I'm sure we'll both read more once we get out of school. I try to always read something not assigned to me by a teacher.

The first semester I was at UMSL, I didn't do any outside reading and I got really depressed. If you recall, I got very cheery once I was reading again.