Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shit Starts to Go Wrong (of Course)

I have no idea why, but before I travel (never ever fucking time) I get some kind of upper respiratory shit. Before I went to Hawaii, back in 2005, I lost my voice and had the worst sore throat I'd ever had. I panicked. It was my dream to go to Hawaii, and I'd spent a ton of of course I was going to get sick (keep in mind, this was in the end of July...not exactly cold and flu season). I had just quit Uni-Guard (for the first time) and I had about a week to get better. I drank (and I'm not kidding) about a gallon of orange juice a day, I went to a doctor (something I never do), and I sat around getting rest.

Day before I had to go, I recovered. I went and had a great time.

Yesterday I woke up, and of course I felt like shit. I let Leah drive us to KC (something I rarely do, for many reasons). I'm sick. I feel like shit. Everyone thinks I'm trying to get out of going to New Mexico, but fuck them. This is for real. I didn't make my word count yesterday (I got out about 150 words before collapsing). So today, I have to play MAJOR catch-up. I have a paper I need to write for American Fiction, I have an novel I'm supposed to be reading, I have to clean my clothes (I currently own no clean clothes).

Basically, everything is going bad/wrong. Having a great time in KC, wish you were here.

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